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We’ve all heard of the Green Revolution, right?  You know, that wildly successful effort to increase agricultural production to meet the demands of a growing world population?

But how about the Brown Revolution?  Like its green counterpart, the Brown Revolution aims to increase agricultural productivity, but this time as a means of battling climate change.  Unlike the previous version, however, this approach does not hinge on implementing new technology.  Rather, it relies on restoring natural systems.

In South Dakota, a team of revolutionaries is looking to lead the charge by implementing a system of holistic management.  Such a system seeks to mimic the natural herding of wild animals using livestock.  Holistic management has been incredibly effective at promoting greater biodiversity, increased organic matter in the soil, rejuvenation of microorganisms, and the restoration of water cycles.  If successful, the trio hopes to restore entire regions!

We would love to hear your ideas on holistic managements and the various ways this could serve as an opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts!

Also, check out this news clip celebrating Charlottesville, VA’s new certified LEED Platinum Smith Aquatic and Recreation Center.  FSC affiliate, McKee Carson, is proud to have been responsible for the overall site planning, landscape architecture, civil engineering and site plan approvals for this exciting project!

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