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Our Mission

To assist those who own or control rural landholdings in preserving, enhancing, or planning alternative uses for the properties in their charge. We actively advocate the introduction of outdoor activities and recreational pursuits as a means of sustaining rural traditions while promoting a land stewardship ethic and creating economic value.

Our Philosophy

The preservation of rural lands is wholly reliant upon economic viability. Aligning the client’s interests with the natural resources and amenities of the property, we reveal opportunities that are economically responsible and environmentally sensitive.

About Field Sport Concepts

Founded in 1993, Field Sport Concepts, Ltd. with offices in Charlottesville, Virginia and Austin, Texas, is an affiliation of nationally respected consultants in the disciplines of resource and land planning, engineering, landscape architecture, equestrian architecture, environmental sciences, conservation finance, and field sport facility/venue design.

Committed to sustainable ownership and rural land preservation, our organization offers a comprehensive resource aimed at presenting our clients, landowners and developers, with economically feasible and sustainable strategies for short and long-term land-use.  Field Sport Concepts was formed as an alliance of specialists whose core competencies lie in the planning, design, and development of rural land, and represents a unique arrangement where otherwise independent consultants are brought together as one organization to comprehensively address our client’s complex issues surrounding rural land-use, preservation/conservation and field sport activities.

In order to fully unlock the economic and recreational potential of a client’s property we plan for multiple compatible uses and appropriate sporting programs, maximizing the utility of their property by incorporating residential communities, conservation easements, habitat restoration, comprehensive wildlife, natural resource, and timber management, habitat or wetland banking, and agriculture.  We seek ways to enhance rural properties in a manner that is sympathetic to the natural environment while providing opportunities for the pursuit and appreciation of outdoor activities.

Innovative solutions, breadth of technical skills, and personal attention to detail?  Our clients know these are just the beginning, please contact us to learn more about improving your property today.

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