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Spawning in Vermont

It’s hard to beat the excitement of feeling your line go taut as you stand there in your waders.  Well, one thing could make it better: knowing that fish you’re playing is wild.  Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate stocked fish as much as the next guy.  But there’s something special about knowing the water we’re fishing is clean enough that it can support natural robust biodiversity.

In this informative, and engaging, post, the author writes of the joys of fishing recovering streams in Vermont.  With the help of conservation groups and concerned farmers, volunteer crews have been planting a series of shade trees and are working to shore up eroding banks.  Where the streams in his area were once populated by old tires, plastic bags, bottles, and other garbage, they are now characterized by growing trout populations, more prolific streamside vegetation, and bigger hatches.

Every day, we are hearing about successful water quality improvement projects around the country.  We would love to hear your stories!

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