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And the Forecast Calls For…

With the release of Apple’s new iPhone today, users will now be able to ask it whether they need a jacket before they leave the house.  But we think there should be an app enabling us to easily view hunting forecasts across the county.  Luckily, those sites do exist!

Covering a range of species, these sites collect data on habitat conditions, climate, the availability of food sources, and the effects of disease, as well as regulations and trophy potential, among many other factors.  They then analyze and interpret the data to provide forecasts on population size and structure in order to help hunters identify the areas with the greatest potential for the upcoming seasons.

Some of the forecasts we particularly like include:

– Outdoor Life National Deer Hunting Forecast
– Pheasants Forever Pheasant Hunting Forecast
– Quail Forever National Quail Hunting Forecast
– Ducks Unlimited Waterfowl Forecast

Happy hunting!

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