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All Projects

Our Approach has always involved a clear and comprehensive understanding of our client’s motivations and project goals and objectives. Once these have been defined and prioritized, the team works cooperatively through a structured process to compile not only effective land-use concepts, but construction guidelines and management programs tailored specifically to the land and client. In many cases, FSC affiliates provide construction assistance and on-going programs.

Agriculture & Silviculture

Agricultural and silvicultural practices have played a large role in shaping the landscape and society of today. There is an inherent beauty in the stewardship of a working landscape that can take advantage of a newly popular revenue stream such as agritourism. Whether you are looking for ways to supplement a 100-year old agricultural operation or planning to establish a brand new vineyard, we have the tools to make your vision a reality.

Equestrian Facilities & Communities

Over the years, our practice has yielded extensive experience in programming, planning, designing and implementing equestrian-related projects ranging from private farms to equestrian-themed residential developments to public equestrian parks. Our team of affiliates possess the expertise and tools for ensuring the realization of your vision while designing for the health, comfort and safety of both the animal and rider.

Estates, Preserves, Retreats

Classical landscapes serve as a place of rich memories, a place for families to gather, and a place for future generations to continue to enjoy.  It is our belief that these properties also play a vital role in helping to ensure the health of the environment and preserving both the rural lifestyle and the unique character of our sporting landscapes.

Farms & Ranches

Although working landscapes have always been a part of history, it is our belief that these properties are a vital part of our world today as a means for preserving the rural lifestyle and conserving precious natural resources. Farms and ranches yield opportunities for the development of field sport activities in conjunction with the continued productive use of the property.

Shooting Sports & Hunting Environments

Many enjoy the tradition of “the hunt” as it is passed from generation to generation while others prefer “the pull” of the 5-stand or sporting clays course. Regardless of which you prefer, the environment in which the activity takes place is paramount and sets the stage for whatever story is told at day’s end. It is our passion to assist those who desire such an environment and to ensure they get to tell their story.

Special Events Facilities

Not only do we love the work we do, but we are happy to sponsor events, both locally and nationally, that are geared towards all things “field sport”, be it a polo match that supports cancer research or a Front Country Festival that celebrates the tradition of the field sports and lifestyle we enjoy today. We are very proud of the work we have done and are more than willing to do our part to help sustain that work for generations to come.

Water Resources & Fishing Habitats

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” It is the latter with which we are concerned, especially the tradition of the trip and habitat that supports the sport. Water is the most precious resource on earth – it supports many types of life and possesses devastating power when there is too little or too much. We are interested in the development, stewardship and protection of all things water.

Conservation Planning

We are committed to conservation and the economic benefits of sustainable land planning. One way that we have applied our conservation principles is by preparing feasible and practical by-right development plans and post development costs analyses. This exercise assists in appraising the value of land necessary to determine allowable tax credits associated with conservation easements. Often this work is done in conjunction with the master planning for the vision of the property.

Resort Consulting & Design

FSC affiliates specialize in mixed-use developments and in the resort and leisure industry.  We have done business for over 45 years, in over 75 countries and are highly regarded for our innovative approach to structuring transactions and quality of work.  We offer a unique combination of services from project conceptualization, feasibility analysis, financial structuring and capitalization resulting in a well-conceived venture, thoroughly researched, financed competitively, presented honestly, and marketed adeptly.