Land Planning, Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering

Our land planning, landscape architecture, civil engineering, and architectural services combine the environment, art, design and science providing an interface between people and natural systems where we live, work and play. We work with a full range of public and private sector residential, commercial, institutional, recreational and mixed-use development projects. We produce effective project results by establishing with the client clear program objectives, maintaining high standards of design, maximizing opportunities and responding creatively to environmental, economic and regulatory constraints.

Equestrian Architecture, Facility / Venue Design and Programming

Over the years, our practice has yielded us extensive experience in programming, planning, designing and implementing equestrian-related projects ranging from private farms to equestrian-themed residential developments to public equestrian parks. Our team of professionals and affiliates possesses the expertise and tools for ensuring the realization of your vision while designing for the health, comfort and safety of both the animal and rider. Be it a quiet trail ride, the pageantry of a fox hunt or the thundering hoof beats of a close steeplechase race, we are ready to assist you.

Water Resource Planning, Stream Restoration, Wetlands Mitigation

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” It is the latter with which we are concerned, especially the tradition of the trip and habitat that supports the sport. Water is the most precious resource on earth – it comes in many forms, provides many functions, supports many types of life and possesses devastating power when there is too little or too much. We are interested in the development, stewardship and protection of all things water, from rainwater harvesting for agriculture to stream channel restoration for trout habitat.

Resort / International Hospitality / Ecotourism Consulting

FSC affiliates have international hospitality and resort development consulting and finance and experience in over 70 countries, including those throughout the entire Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, North Africa and the Pacific Rim. The affiliates have offices in Texas, Costa Rica, California, Morocco, Spain, Jordan and Mexico and were one of the original consultants to FONATUR (Mexico’s Tourism Division) in the planning and development of Cancun.

Conservation Finance, Conservation Easements, Ecosystem Services

Through a wide range of market-based conservation finance mechanisms, landowner incentive programs and innovative land use strategies, FSC assists clients with the development and realization of ecological and natural resource asset values for ecosystem services derived from land and water resources. Additionally, we have applied our conservation principles by preparing feasible and practical hypothetical development plans and post development costs analysis. This assists in appraising the value of land necessary to determine the allowable tax credits associated with conservation easements.

Shooting Sports / Hunting Venue Design and Programming

Many enjoy the tradition of “the hunt” as it is passed from generation to generation while others prefer “the pull” of the 5-stand or sporting clays course. Regardless of which you prefer, the environment in which the activity takes place is paramount and ultimately sets the stage for whatever story is told at day’s end – including where the story is told. It is our passion to assist those who desire such an environment and to ensure they get to tell their story, whether they are reminiscing about a traditional Deep South quail hunt, humbly describing their trophy whitetail or debating the reasons for missing that last clay “bird”.

Falconry / Challenge Courses / High Adventure Sports

FSC affiliates have operated and designed programs at many of America’s finest resorts including The Greenbrier, The Homestead, The Gasparilla Inn, The Lodge at Hershey, The Hotel Hershey, John’s Island, and The Resort at Glade Springs. The FSC affiliates have the expertise to develop innovative revenue streams through field sport programming that are sure to create lasting memories. From the creation of turnkey recreation programs to the long-term management of existing recreational facilities, their professionals will help identify and establish unique and profitable outdoor offerings.

Silvicultural / Agricultural Resource Management and Agritourism

Agricultural and silvicultural practices have played a large role in shaping the landscape and society of today. There is an inherent beauty in the stewardship of a working landscape that can take advantage of a newly popular revenue stream such as agritourism, an approach which can assist in both the environmental and financial well-being of an agricultural / silvicultural practice. Whether you are looking for ways to supplement a 100-year old agricultural operation or planning to establish a brand new vineyard, working in collaboration with consultants of your choosing we can make your vision a reality.

Special Events

Not only do we love the work we do, but we are happy to plan or sponsor events that are geared towards all things “field sport”, be it a polo match that supports cancer research or a Front Country Festival that celebrates the tradition of the field sports and the lifestyle we enjoy today. We are very proud of the work we have done, and continue to do, and are more than willing to do our part to help sustain that work for generations to come.