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EPA Announces Healthy Watersheds Initiative

For those of you who enjoy fishing, boating, hunting, hiking, and watching wildlife, this post may be of importance to you.  Actually, if you value safe drinking water and are opposed to widespread flooding, you should probably keep reading.

You see, yesterday the U.S. EPA announced the Healthy Watersheds Initiative: A National Framework and Action Plan.  This action plan is especially important because it was formulated with the understanding that our waters and aquatic ecosystems are dynamic and that they must be protected as whole, interconnected systems rather than as separate parts.

Traditionally, water improvement efforts are undertaken piecemeal and therefore fail to address many of the underlying factors.  More specifically, much of EPA’s current water quality protection program has been aimed at remediating individual water bodies and in many cases, specific pollutants.  The Healthy Water’s Initiative, on the other hand, expands the focus to protecting and maintaining high-quality waters, which is significantly more cost-effective than having to restore those waters.

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