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Retraining Veterans to Fight Invasives

When veterans return home, they often struggle to re-acclimate to civilian life.  In addition to having a hard time finding employment, many suffer from debilitating psychological issues.  However, organizations like the Veterans Conservation Corps are working to make the process a bit easier.

Working to restore streams, watersheds, forests, and prairies, among other conservation projects, veterans in Washington State are given the opportunity to connect with others struggling with similar issues through volunteer opportunities.  The program also provides veterans with job training for outdoor jobs in forestry, wildlife management, and other natural-resource fields.  The hope is that by working outside, the veterans will benefit from the healing powers of nature.

Benefiting from an AmeriCorps grant, the Conservation Corps has also developed a robust network of members stationed at many colleges around the state.  This has enabled the program to help veterans realize their higher education goals through working with college officials, navigating the GI Bill, and identifying other sources of funding for tuition.  The program also serves enrolled veterans as they transition from military life to college life.

To learn more about the program, check out this article from The Seattle Times.

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