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The Working Subdivision

A few weeks back, we posted a story about how agriculture-based communities are the new golf communities.  It looks like we’ve influenced a developer in Illinois to do the same!  (on second thought, he’s probably been working on the project for more than the past few weeks)  You see,  John DeWald & Associates recently broke ground on their newest development, Serosun Farms.  This one is not like traditional subdivisions, though.  As DeWald puts it, “The vision of Serosun Farms is to protect and preserve our land from future development and suburban sprawl.”  Serosun will blend agricultural preservation and sustainable practices (including producing 70-80% of their own energy on site).

Not only will the community have large plot sizes to preserve open space, it will be centered around a 160-acre working, sustainable farm with an on-site farmer’s market and over 400 acres of open space, miles of hiking trails, fishing ponds, playgrounds, a community center, and an equestrian facility.  In fact, the community will have extensive boarding and training facilities and will offer professional care to the residents’ horses.

Perhaps most exciting of all, this innovative community isn’t alone!  According to the Urban Land Institute, there are more than 200 similar projects currently in the works.

The affiliates at Field Sport Concepts have extensive experience with every stage of the development of agriculture-based communities.  In fact, our work at Bundoran Farm was the first working farm to be certified Gold by Audubon International.  We are eager to work with you to develop the next conservation community!

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