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Re-Imagining Golf Courses

There are a lot of golf courses in the U.S.!  Florida has over 1,200 courses; Californians have over 1,000 to choose from; and Michigan, Texas, and New York each boast around 900 courses.  As a result of the struggling economy, however, many of these courses are going out of business.  Indeed, in 2008, only 72 new courses opened while 106 closed.

But, as they say, when one door closes another opens.  As golf courses continue to close down across the country, communities are finding opportunities to repurpose them as public parks, archery clubs, community farms and gardens, public lakes, concert venues, composting facilities, wildlife sanctuaries, re-engineered wetlands, and field sport venues.  And this is only a sample of all the ways golf courses can be re-used!

To learn more about golf course repurposing, check out this NPR story, “Finding New Uses for Troubled Golf Courses.”  We would love to hear about how the courses in your community are being re-imagined.

With our multi-disciplinary team of affiliates, Field Sport Concepts has the range of expertise to help you convert that golf course into a more ecologically friendly, revenue-generating amenity.

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