Trout Headwaters Switches to 100% Renewable Energy

Trout Headwaters, Inc. (THI) has now completely moved to 100-percent clean and renewable energy to power its Paradise Valley, Mont. headquarters. This switch to renewable wind and solar energy was surprisingly simple.

Besides installing a roof-top solar panel system, THI opted for green wind energy produced at wind farms in the Great Plains, and purchased from a publicly-owned utility company. They’ve even changed their ISP to a company that uses wind energy.

Solar panels provide varying amounts of THI’s energy needs, sometimes exceeding 100 percent, and THI’s electric provider makes up any solar shortfalls with wind energy.  The “green tags” purchased from their local, rural utility company are currently provided at the lowest cost in the nation.

THI’s usage cost for wind energy went up a negligible $.0009 per kilowatt hour for 2011. Signing up for green power with the electric coop is as simple as filling out a form, and while the price per kilowatt hour is variable, no significant cost increases are anticipated.

“Switching to all renewable, clean energy was simple, cost-effective, and ecologically sound,” said THI President Michael Sprague, “We are setting an important standard for U.S. small businesses, and we hope others will join us.”

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