Digital “Storybooks”

Have you ever wondered what goes into planning a large equestrian facility, or a conservation community, or even a family ranch?  As part of an effort to help educate landowners about the many considerations that go into planning and improving rural land holdings, FSC affiliate McKee Carson has released a series of digital “storybooks” that provide a comprehensive overview of the land planning process.  Originally produced for landowners to showcase the history and planning of their property, the storybooks provide a step-by-step analysis of the process that went into achieving their vision for their holdings.

Drawing on past projects at The Fork Farm and Stables in Stanly County, North Carolina; Bundoran Farm Conservation Community in Albemarle County, Virginia; and Little Mountain Ranch in Highland County, Virginia, the storybooks provide a comprehensive overview to serve as a resource for landowners across the country who are planning to make improvements to their own holdings.  From large-scale considerations regarding optimal land use, viewsheds, and conservation easements to site-scale drainage patterns, building orientation, and planting schemes, the storybooks clearly lay out what can be to many landowners a complex and intimidating process.

To view these storybooks, simply click on the links below.

Bundoran Farm – Albemarle County, VA

The Fork Farm & Stables – Stanly County, NC

Little Mountain Ranch – Highland County, VA

Terra Chula Plantation – Quitman County, GA

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