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The Tanyard Creek Chew Crew

We have a short quiz for you today.  Please look at the following techniques for removing invasive species from your property, and select the one that seems to be least like the others.

a) Round-Up

b) Image Kudzu Killer

c) Goats

d) Arrest Herbicide

If you answered c) Goats, congratulations! You have successfully distinguished between chemicals and animals!  Now, you may be wondering why goats were included in a list of products clearly designed with the specific purpose of removing unwanted plants, especially since goats are, well, goats.  We included them because goats are actually some of the most effective (and ecologically-friendly!) removers of invasive species because of their capacity to eat a huge amount of plant matter without destroying surrounding, desirable plants.

In fact, goats are so effective at removing invasives that Zach Richardson, an intern at FSC affiliate McKee Carson, recently received a grant from the University of Georgia to use goats in order to remove English Ivy, Privet, and other aggressive native species in an effort to restore native forests adjacent to an important waterway on UGA’s campus.  Nicknamed the Tanyard Creek Chew Crew, the goats are not only effective at removing the plants, they are also an ecologically-friendly alternative to heavy machinery and pesticides.  Further, they also serve as an engaging tool for educating students, faculty, and staff about the need for restoring native life, especially in environmentally-sensitive areas.

To learn more about Zach’s program, check out the video below.  You can also follow their progress by visiting the Chew Crew’s Facebook page.

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