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Bacon and Conservation

What do Bacon and conservation have in common?  Well, everything, actually.

If you take a look at the latest edition of The Land Report, you find an article about Louis Moore Bacon and his lifelong commitment to preserving some of the most important and pristine lands across the U.S.  Having inherited his conservationist’s conscious from his grandfather, Louis T. Moore, Bacon further developed his passion for the outdoors while at Vermont Middlebury College.  While most students would head home for breaks, he and a favorite professor would spend time hunting and hiking in the nearby Green Mountains.

In 2007, Bacon purchased the 172,000 acre Trinchera Ranch from the Forbes family with the promise that he would continue the ranch’s conservation and environmental legacy.  Providing a home for multiple generations of employees, supporting local schools, and pioneering innovative wildlife and forest management practices, the ranch embodies Bacon’s commitment to the environment and the people around him.  In recent years, he has been negotiating with two major power companies to abandon their plans to run large-scale transmission lines across Trinchera.  While one of the companies has backed out, the other is still holding firm and has yet to agree to a compromise.

In addition to the article on Bacon, this edition of The Land Report has a number of great stories on the deal of the year, the country’s best brokerages, and many more.  Enjoy!

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