The Beretta Trident Program

In 2010, FSC affiliate Sporting Heritage Corp. partnered with premier gun-maker Beretta to launch the Beretta Trident Program.  In its simplest terms, the Beretta Trident Program is a collection of exceptional field sport venues.  The concept for the program came from the need to provide a systematized and objective rating process for hunting and shooting venues so that sporting enthusiasts could select a destination and feel confident in their choice.

Beretta Tridents, similar to Michelin® Stars awarded to fine dining establishments, are awarded to hunting lodges and shooting ranges for their excellence in field sports.  While the evaluation system emphasizes outstanding hunting and shooting programming, it also recognizes and rates the full experience, from the food on the table to the kennels for the dogs.  It is the first program of its kind to apply a stringent evaluation process to rate hunting and shooting destinations, which must achieve a certain score in order to earn one, two, or three Beretta Tridents.  Indeed, ensuring that only the best of the best are represented, only five percent of destinations worldwide are considered good enough for even one Trident. The first venues to earn the prestigious Beretta Trident rating were upland bird destinations here in the United States.  These properties offer everything from traditional-style South Dakota pheasant hunting to plantation quail hunting in Georgia.  Today, there are thirteen venues in the Beretta Trident Program – offering choices for upland birds, sporting clays, and waterfowl in the U.S., as well as doves in Argentina, plains game in South Africa, and big game in Spain.

The website,, provides a comprehensive listing of the venues in the program.  And the Program now offers a concierge service to help in identifying the destination best suited for your needs and to help you plan the trip of a lifetime. The Beretta Trident Concierge can be reached at 1-888-881-9818.

Sporting Heritage Corp., a field sports consultancy, manages the Beretta Trident Program and is responsible for conducting the evaluations, executing the brand qualification process, and ensuring ongoing quality assurance.

Photos provided courtesy of Beretta, Inc. and The Fork Farm & Stables.  All rights reserved.


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