Playa Secreta

Luxury Resort, Gulf of Fonseca, El Salvador
Embraces Environmental, Social and Cultural Sustainability

Panorama International, a Field Sport Concepts’ affiliate, is designing a new resort and residential community in El Salvador.  Playa Secreta, situated in a natural amphitheater overlooking the Gulf of Fonseca, has been conceived as a totally sustainable luxury resort destination.

The present state of the land reflects past indiscriminate agricultural and logging practices which have caused loss of topsoil and eliminated natural barriers to catastrophic erosion.  Therefore, it will be necessary both to remediate its landforms and water sources as well as to develop systems to sustain them into the future.  In this evocative setting, Playa Secreta seeks to have a truly minimal impact on the environment during its construction as well as when it is in operation.  This veritable city will incorporate the best technology available for conserving energy and water resources.

To accelerate restoration processes, Playa Secreta developers have committed to the following measures.

Management of Surrounding Areas:  Reclaiming and then professionally managing the national forest preserve which adjoins Playa Secreta property, in ways sanctioned by jurisdictional governments.  Due to past illegal and indiscriminate hunting and deforestation, natural habitats have been virtually extinguished, totally displacing wildlife. Indigenous trees and shrubs will be installed to attract native birds and animals to the preserve.  Residents and guests will be privileged to use this restored area for activities such as hiking nature trails and exploring and observing the forest’s flora and fauna, guided by persons native to this region of El Salvador.

Replanting Plan:  Using native plants and trees to extensively replant and reclaim natural flora concentrated around all reserved natural areas, building sites and systems of circulation.

Striking Boundary Features:  Designing to enhance the natural environment with landscaped buffers, berms, fencing, and attractive hardscape and statuary marking Playa Secreta’s perimeter and entry.  This will create a, relaxed, culturally appropriate ambiance welcoming guests and residents upon arrival.

Guidelines for Sustainable Design:  Setting standards which must be met by all plans for building and landscape work at Playa Secreta as well as agreed to in advance of construction by all developers and builders.

Continual Sustainable Operations:  Establishing guidelines to assure that original plans and efforts will be managed professionally and responsibly throughout the life of the project and employing methods which yield environmentally sustainable results.  It is anticipated that these efforts will be funded by owners’ association dues.

Social Sustainability: Providing high quality housing, education, and worship facilities, shopping, and recreational facilities for employees, residents and visitors, alike. Everyone is to benefit and through this dedication, stability and excellence will be achieved.

Employing these and other measures, Playa Secreta will be a model for sustainability in El Salvador and an inspiration for future projects in the region and beyond.

Cultural Sustainability: Embracing the rich Central American culture by building a venue for local and regional artisans and craft vendors to display their wares.  The replication of a 17th century El Salvadoran village created for these purposes has been planned.

Photography © Raúl Arce

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