Beretta Trident Program

The Beretta Trident Program was introduced in the United States at the Safari Club International meeting in Reno, Nevada, January 22, 2010. Initially, this program is designed to provide sportsmen and women an objective assessment of sporting venues offering wing shooting and/or shotgun shooting sports in the United States, and ultimately, of any venue of interest, including sporting clubs, gun clubs, shooting estates, and leisure real estate, world-wide.

Beretta, the noted purveyor of quality firearms for over 500 years, has partnered with Sporting Heritage Group to manage all aspects of the program. Sporting Heritage Group will employ a unique rating system to make its assessments and grant Beretta’s quality endorsement. The program is intended to advocate for the traditional heritage of the sporting life while providing much needed consumer confidence in selecting sporting destinations.

The Beretta Trident Program will result in venues receiving Beretta Tridents to recognize the level of excellence in quality, similar to the Michelin Star program for fine dining. This detailed and specific evaluation will address the complete spectrum of services offered, from professionalism of staff to knowledge of the guide corps, from stock and performance of the dogs to lodging accommodations and hospitality.

The Trident marque of quality will be awarded only to venues reflecting Beretta’s commitment to excellence, and will become a beacon for those seeking locations offering Beretta firearms, accessories and apparel.

Photography © Beretta

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