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Field Sport Enthusiasts
Enjoying the outdoors through field sports and active recreation is at the core of our business philosophy.  Whether it be sneaking upstream in search of rising trout or watching your pointers work a field edge, the connection with our environment is simultaneously inexplicable, liberating, and addictive.  If you are reading this, we know you feel the same way.  Combining our passion for the outdoors with our wide range of expertise, we have the tools to bring that connection to you.

– Field Sport Facility / Venue Design and Programming

– Ecosystem Services and Conservation Easements

– Water Resource Planning, Stream Restoration, Wetlands Delineation / Mitigation

– Agricultural Resource Management and Agritourism / Ecotourism Consulting

– Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Land Planning, Civil Engineering

You can check out some examples of what we can do at Terra Chula Plantation and Overlook Resort.

Farm & Rural Land Owners
There are few experiences in life that are as genuinely peaceful as an early morning walk to drink in the beauty of your land.  If, on the other hand, you’re finding yourself longing to improve the food plots near that stand of trees or perhaps restoring that stream to promote trout populations, Field Sport Concepts can be an invaluable asset to you.  With an approach that is based simultaneously in science, aesthetics, and extensive experience, the affiliates of Field Sport Concepts are uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive approach to improving farms, ranches, estates, and other rural lands of all sizes.

A major challenge facing conservationists today is how best to balance the preservation of the natural landscape and plant and wildlife habitat while also ensuring that such efforts are economically sustainable.  Developing and implementing strategies to address that challenge is at the core of Field Sport Concepts’ mission.  Whether you are looking to add shooting and fishing programming, create a network of trails, establish a working landscape, or even place all or part of your land under conservation easement, the affiliates of FSC have the combined expertise to help you protect and enhance your holdings.  Learn more about our approach to recreation-based conservation by clicking here.

Ranch & Farm Brokers
Although the real estate market has been challenging the past few years, the appeal of rural land remains strong. However, buyers may appreciate some guidance with examples of how their ideas can be combined with conservation measures to produce results in an economically viable manner. Field Sport Concepts can collaborate with you to develop conceptual plans that demonstrate how the land you represent might be utilized by future owners.  Check out the many ways in which we can help you and your client more effectively market their land with such projects as Little Mountain Ranch and Panorama Farms.

Equestrian Enthusiasts
Calling all horse enthusiasts!  Whether you are looking to build new equine facilities or upgrade existing ones, we know your top priority is ensuring your horses’ health and safety.  Take comfort in knowing it’s ours as well.  With over 25 years of designing equestrian facilities, Field Sport affiliates have a long and distinguished history of satisfied customers.  From understated equestrian farms to world-class arenas, our affiliates can enable you to accomplish your goals.  View some of our work at The Fork Farm & StablesSagamore Farm, and The Oaks

Land Developers
If developing a conservation community is something that you have considered, Field Sport Concepts will be an invaluable addition to your team.  With our wide range of expertise, we can provide you with detailed site analysis, conceptual designs, and master planning that will enable you to realize your vision for the development.  To learn more about our services, check out our work at Bundoran Farm and Jackson River.

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