John Higgins Shooting Instruction

With over 30 years offering shooting instruction, Field Sport Concepts’ affiliate, John Higgins, is among the best of the best. 

Imagine you’re at your favorite clays course.  You have that familiar feeling of your favorite gun tucked against your shoulder.  A clay pigeon is loaded in the trap as you regulate your breathing.  “Pull!”  Following the target along the length of the barrel, you pull the trigger and revel in the feeling of satisfaction as the shattered clay falls to the ground.

Whether you know this feeling well or simply yearn to, every shooter can benefit from the assistance of a world-class instructor.  And for members of Hunters Creek Club in Metamora, MI, the opportunity to train with John Higgins is available for a limited time.

Originally from the U.K., John spent 20 years instructing at Yeavley Shooting Grounds in Derbyshire, England.  He has spent the last 10 years in the States with the British American Sport Club in northeast Georgia.  Responsible for developing many of the nation’s elite shooting facilities and instruction programs, John has had the opportunity to work with shooters of all levels.  In fact, as the Chief Instructor for the National Sporting Clays Association, John helped create and implement the national standard for training and certifying shooting instructors in the U.S.

“I have taught every level of shooter and hunter in many different countries and prefer to focus on old school techniques that have over the years proven to be successful.  My specialty lies in visual and perception anomalies as well as adaptive techniques for those shooters with disabilities, no matter how small.”

To see some examples of John’s work check out the Shooting Sports and Hunting Environments section of the FSC website Work page. Or, schedule a trip to any of the quality shooting venues he has designed, including The Greenbrier, Blackberry Farm, The HomesteadBrays Island, and Barnsley Gardens.

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