Summer 2010 Newsletter

Once again summer it upon us and that means it is time for the FSC Summer Newsletter.

Oakhaven Ranch

Over the past 25 years, Blackburn Architects has had the privilege and pleasure of working on over 100 equestrian facilities designing barns and other equine facilities in a variety of settings and climates for projects both small and large in scope. Despite the various components that come into play with each project, the firm strives to create equestrian facilities that fit each client’s lifestyle and farm management methods with respect to the vernacular of the site and, of course, the health and safety of the horses who inhabit the barns.

The naturally beautiful yet rugged terrain of the Texas Hill Country inspired a project that reflects our design philosophy.  Oakhaven Farm, near Austin, Texas, is designed as a peaceful equestrian retreat for the personal use of the owners’ family and their horses. Local resources harvested from the site such as stone and cedar timber allow the equestrian facilities at Oakhaven Farm to unobtrusively complement the land it occupies.  Read more…

Playa Secreta

Luxury Resort, Gulf of Fonseca, El Salvador
Embraces Environmental, Social and Cultural Sustainability

Panorama International, a Field Sport Concepts’ affiliate, is designing a new resort and residential community in El Salvador.  Playa Secreta, situated in a natural amphitheater overlooking the Gulf of Fonseca, has been conceived as a totally sustainable luxury resort destination.

The present state of the land reflects past indiscriminate agricultural and logging practices which have caused loss of topsoil and eliminated natural barriers to catastrophic erosion.  Therefore, it will be necessary both to remediate its landforms and water sources as well as to develop systems to sustain them into the future.  In this evocative setting, Playa Secreta seeks to have a truly minimal impact on the environment during its construction as well as when it is in operation.  This veritable city will incorporate the best technology available for conserving energy and water resources.  Read more…

The Jackson River Club

Lying lightly on the land, spans two miles of Virginia’s finest trout fishery.

Flowing from its headwaters in Highland County, Virginia to where it meets the Cowpasture River to form the James, the Jackson River is one of the most pristine, scenic and in some stretches, untouched rivers on the east coast and certainly one of the finest wild trout fisheries in Virginia.

The Jackson River Club, conveniently located just 10 miles from the Homestead Resort, is a picturesque property, an outdoorsmen’s dream. Abundant wildlife including deer, bear, grouse and turkey flourish in and around the club’s 750 acres which adjoin several thousand acres of the George Washington National Forest.  Read more…

All the best,

Bob McKee

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