Spring 2012 Newsletter

With spring well on its way toward summer and as we shake off the last of the chilly mornings, we’re looking forward to getting back out on the water, saddling up for a trail ride, and shooting some clays at the local course.  It only takes a few minutes to remind us why there are few better arguments for preserving the rural sporting lifestyle than by simply getting outside and enjoying the plethora of activities available.

In this edition of the Field Sport Concepts newsletter, we invite you to learn about our approach to assisting landowners in identifying opportunities for investing in their legacy.  You will also find stories about Sporting Heritage Corp’s collaboration with Beretta, McKee Carson’s digital “storybooks,” and Trout Headwater’s commitment to sustainable energy at their Montana headquarters.  If there are any topics that you’ve been puzzling over (like how to restore a stream to promote trout populations or what land use elements should be considered in order to maximize the value of your land), don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to send you information or to include it in the next edition of the newsletter.

Company News

– Established as a collaboration between premiere firearms-maker Beretta and Field Sport affiliate Sporting Heritage Corp., the Beretta Trident Program recognizes the best of the best in shooting destinations worldwide.  Read more…

– Seeking to inform landowners about the myriad of considerations involved in rural land improvement, McKee Carson has released a series of digital “storybooks” meant to provide an insight into the land planning process.  Read more…

– Practicing what it preaches, Trout Headwaters makes a commitment to sourcing 100-percent clean and renewable energy to power its Paradise Valley, Minnesota headquarters.  Read more…

Our Expertise

With the economic pressures facing landowners, identifying public and private sources of financing for investing in one’s legacy is a critical step in ensuring the long-term viability of rural properties.  Read more…

We are eager to collaborate with you as you seek to enhance your holdings and/or service offerings.  Click below to learn how we can help you.

– Field Sport Enthusiasts
– Farm & Rural Land Owners
– Conservations
– Ranch & Farm Brokers
– Equestrian Enthusiats
– Land Developers

In The Field

– Defining Falconry – With anecdotes about falconers running naked through the snow and their birds soiling neighbor’s living rooms, author Tim Cahill gives a humorous account of his discovery of the true definition of falconry.  Read more…

– Ask the Equestrian Architect – Responding to readers’ inquiries, John Blackburn of Blackburn Architects addresses concerns about incorporating flexibility for future growth and drainage solutions that ensure horses’ safety.  Read more…

– Running Colter Ranch – Having taken a dry, poorly managed aquifer and restored it to a valuable wetland with incredible biodiversity, Trout Headwater’s principal Mike Sprague discusses the evolution of Running Colter Ranch.  Read more…


We also wanted to mention that we are busily working to update the Field Sport Concepts website. The new design will more fully showcase the range of services offered by the FSC affiliates as well as provide a more user-friendly experience for the growing number of tablet users among you.  Keep an eye out for the new site, coming early this summer!

We sincerely appreciate your readership and invite you to get in touch should you have any questions or if you are considering making improvements to your own property.

All the best,

Bob McKee


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