Inaugural Newsletter

Landowners, Conservationists and Outdoor Enthusiasts…

“What is Field Sport Concepts?” 

Those of you who enjoy hunting, fishing, equestrian or other outdoor activities may be familiar with the term “field sport”.  In this inaugural newsletter, we would like to take the opportunity to give you a  glimpse of our company’s philosophy and innovative approach to assisting landowners in making their vision for their property a reality.

Field Sport Concepts, Ltd (, was founded in 1993 with the sole purpose of providing “innovative solutions for the preservation of rural lands.”   At the core, our company is deeply committed to the conservation and preservation of rural land.  We accomplish this goal by employing land use concepts that are both ecologically and financially sustainable as well as supporting the perpetuation of a rural lifestyle that includes outdoor recreation.

Many landowners feel obligated to subdivide and develop their real estate holdings in order to fully capture the financial value of these assets.  Though this type of development may be the highest and best use in certain situations, alternative conservation and field sport revenue streams are available and should be explored.  FSC’s primary goal is to enable landowners to realize their dreams of creating a place that can be passed on to future generations while being both economically viable and ecologically sustainable.


These concepts are as valid today as they were sixteen years ago when we started to use them as the cornerstone in our land planning practice.  Operating through affiliations with related professionals around the country, the structure of our organization can provide an array of services and expertise to support a landowner’s objectives.

From conservation easements utilizing federal and state tax credits to generate income, to emerging market-based payments for ecosystem services enabling landowners to capitalize monetarily on natural resources that currently exist on their property, the evolution of alternative land use scenarios and financing mechanisms has given us many tools for the accomplishment of our stated purpose.

We trust you will share in our excitement for these types of opportunities and will look forward to subsequent issues of our newsletter.  Future newsletters will expand on the services we provide, describe what makes our association of affiliations unique and highlight completed projects.

We look forward to hearing from you with questions you may have or suggestions of topics you would like addressed in future newsletters.

My best,

Robert B. McKee, PE, LA
Founding Principal

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