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The Villain Wore Black

It was a chilly spring morning.  The fog was still hanging low as the gobbler strutted up, wearing his typical coat of all black.  Seeing the hen and the jake decoys in his path, the gobbler approached the jake, evidently to make clear that this was his territory.  Suddenly, though, the gobbler broke from the usual script and things quickly took a turn for the worse…

If you’re as hooked as we were, then we’re sure you’ll want to read the rest of this story.  You can find it in the most recent edition of The Contemporary Wingshooter, published by our friend, Jim Stenson.  Luckily, though, you’ll be pleased to know that the “turn for the worse” actually turns out to be quite funny!  The only thing we’ll say is the hunter, who is also the author of the story, ends up saving the jake from “a fate worse than death.”

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