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Tall Timbers’ Game Bird Program

We have written often about the importance of designing hunting lands with an eye toward responsible conservation practices.  Indeed, a central theme of our posts and, more importantly, our work is the need to create habitat that enables targeted species to establish self-sustaining populations.  In short, promoting strong biodiversity yields quality hunting habitat.

But how do we know which practices to pursue?  How do we know which feed crops best support quail populations? Given that targeted species are merely components in a larger food chain, how do interactions between predators and prey produce desirable populations?

The folks at Tall Timbers have been working for years to answer those exact questions and many more.  Thanks to their extensive research, Tall Timbers has been the premiere resource for landowners interested in quail research and management.  Evaluating the effects of controlled burning and predation as well as employing the use of radio tracking, Tall Timbers has been instrumental in spearheading a science-based approach to managing quail populations for over 20 years.

Indeed, we invite you to watch the video above to learn more about their philosophy that “good science produces information for good management.”

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