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Singing Elk Song’s Praises

Here’s an inspiring piece of writing we’d like to pass on from

The article profiles Elk Song Ranch, an amazing 7000+ acre piece of property in Eastern Oregon. Through a strategic and comprehensive management plan, the owner restored the overgrazed and underutilized land into an outdoorsman’s paradise – one with ample game, healthy streams, and reinvigorated forests.  It’s a perfect example of how a multidisciplinary approach to managing a working landscape can benefit both the property and its inhabitants, including those of the antlered variety. (Apparently, seeing dozens of massive elk roaming the ridges every day is now commonplace. Wouldn’t that be nice?)

A big thanks to Ross Seyfried, the article’s author and Elk Song’s owner, for permission to use his photography and link to the story. If Elk Song Ranch doesn’t find a new owner in the near future, we’re going to start coordinating bake sales and car washes to make a bid…

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