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Planned Communities are People, Too

What did one planned community say to the other planned community?  ”Oh my gosh, a talking planned community!”

[crickets chirping]

Okay, maybe the title wasn’t supposed to be taken THAT literally.  But, we did just come across an article in UrbanLand that discusses the future of planned community development as being driven by a focus on relationships rather than simply on amenities.  Whereas the focus of traditional planned communities has been on golf courses, clubhouses, sports complexes, and the like, developers of newer communities are using clustered lot design, community space, and other strategies to promote greater connection among people and to the land itself.  Indeed, as one developer put it, “We’re not just stewards of the land; we’re also stewards of people’s lives.”

Perhaps one of the most notable characteristics of future planned communities is they likely will not be characterized by “one size fits all” methods and features.  Rather, a successful community will be designed around those features which may be lacking in that particular area.  In one area, that focus might be on hunting and fishing.  In another, it might be on open space, like parks and hiking trails.  And others may be based around other aspects of the sporting life.  Whatever the theme, it probably won’t be the same as the planned community in the next town over.  In the meantime, we can leave the McMansions to the students.

Photo courtesy of David Martin

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