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Now Available: Where the Yellowstone Goes

Back in December, we published a post on a spectacular documentary called “Where the Yellowstone Goes.”  At the time, the film was traveling the country, packing theaters to capacity.  Having been sponsored by our affiliate, Trout Headwaters, it was clear that this film would serve as an important resource for highlighting the beauty as well as the challenges facing the Yellowstone.  In fact, the film had such a profound impact that it received this glowing overview in the Fall 2012 edition of The Land Report (see page 17).

Well, we at Field Sport Concepts are happy to let you know that you can now get your own copy of “Where the Yellowstone Goes” from the iTunes store and Amazon.

If you saw the documentary in theaters, let us know where you saw it!  Whether you saw it before or are just buying it now, drop us a note to let us know what your favorite parts were.

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