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Intersection: Field Sports and the Evolution of Conservation

Sporting enthusiasts have long been regarded as leaders in the conservation movement.  After all, it’s hard not to develop a genuine connection with one’s surroundings after spending hours in a marsh blind or wading through a trout stream.

In recognition of these contributions to conservation efforts, the National Sporting Library Museum’s (NSLM) current exhibition is titled, “Intersection: Field Sports and the Evolution of Conservation.”  Showcasing the NSLM’s literary collection, the exhibition features books about early gamekeeping and poaching laws, the emergence of the hunter-naturalist, and the development of early conservation laws by sportsmen.  The collection also includes paintings, sculptures, and prints that serve to enrich the exhibit.

We at Field Sport Concepts were particularly excited to learn about this exhibit because we have long positioned  ourselves within this intersection.  Indeed, we are firm believers that the most effective conservation practices are those that encourage users to develop a deeper connection with the land and their surroundings.  In fact, for those who have visited our new website, you will have noticed that our Mission Statement includes the following, “We actively advocate the introduction of outdoor activities and recreational pursuits as a means of sustaining rural traditions while promoting a land stewardship ethic and creating economic value.”

To learn more about the many ways in which our work exemplifies our commitment to this mission, we encourage you to take a look at some of our projects, like Devine RanchJackson River preservation community, Little Mountain Ranch, and Terra Chula plantation.

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