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House Proposes Cuts to Chesapeake Funding

Last month, members of the House of Representatives submitted a budget proposal, which included widespread cuts in an effort to reduce federal spending.  One of the programs targeted in this budget was the EPA’s Chesapeake Bay Program.  As part of the 30 percent cuts to the EPA’s budget, the CBP, which coordinates state and federal Bay cleanup efforts, would be reduced from $50 million to $40 million, a 20 percent cut.

The White House quickly released its own proposed budget, which included proposals toincrease Bay funding up to $67 million.  However, that increase would come in the face of major cuts to other EPA cleanup efforts around the country.

To read more about the fiscal debates, check out this article from the BayJournal.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this issue.  Should funding be reduced?  Should it be increased?  What can agencies at all levels do to both protect the Bay while also protecting the economic vitality of individuals and communities within the Bay watershed?


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