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Ecosystem Services’ Newest Endorsement

It’s one thing when someone from the EPA encourages you to be environmentally friendly.  It’s a whole other thing when Richard Branson (think: Virgin Group) endorses such practices.

In a recent interview with an affiliate of the Wall Street Journal, Branson offered full-throated support for business practices that take into account the impact one’s actions may have on the surrounding environment.  Not only will such mindsets be good for the environment, they are also simply good business.  As Branson put it, “Consumers are becoming increasingly frustrated with corporations that are only out for themselves, rather than helping their communities and the planet. Our group and other companies are going to need to know the answers to such questions [about biodiversity and ecosystem services]”

Landowners often find themselves in the same boat.  When presented with the innumerable opportunities for altering one’s property, it can be tempting to make drastic changes that might have unpredictable consequences.  In order to address those concerns, the best option is to take a thoughtful approach aimed at ensuring the sustainability of the land and any programming well into the future.  Indeed, landowners have a unique opportunity to enhance their holdings in such a way that it meets their needs while also remaining economically viable, whether through the collection of user fees, governmental support, or other sources of revenue.

To see how we can help you identify and mobilize such opportunities, check out our Work page and learn how we’ve helped other landowners fulfill their own visions!

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