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Eat Your (Local) Fruits and Veggies

The benefits of locally-grown produce cannot be overstated; the fruits and veggies are fresher and more nutritious, farmers get to keep a higher proportion of the profits, local food systems foster a greater connection between consumers and food producers, and, of course, it can be more environmentally friendly as the food does not have to travel as far from farm to fork.

Though local and regional food systems have been gaining in popularity across the US, members of the House Appropriations Committee are calling for the slashing of  federal support for programs geared toward promoting these systems.  Initiatives like “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” have been effective at strengthening rural communities, promoting healthy eating, protecting natural resources, and building local and regional food systems.  As residential developments centered around agriculture continue to replace traditional subdivisions, residents will have even greater access to locally grown food.

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