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Coordinated Shooting Method

The Coordinated Shooting Method (CSM) was developed by John Higgins (a Field Sport Concepts affiliate since 1998) and Rhonda Young to offer students an alternative to the rigid methodologies that have always dominated shotgun shooting education. CSM is a formative method, based on a more recreational philosophy and teaching style. It has been designed to help each student discover, define and develop their own shooting style by teaching them how to learn and moves away from the performance based expert driven teaching style that focused on deficits rather than the building of knowledge and skills. The end result is that students learn how to develop their skills in a way that is most appropriate for them, allowing them to become more confident and successful instructors and students.  CSM is student centered teaching which focuses on developing the students’ abilities and encourages them to become active participants in the learning process, all of which is achieved by the instructor playing a supporting role in the process rather than directing it.

CSM focuses on the six fundamental elements of shooting. These are: focus, sight picture, alignment, timing, coordination and perception. Only by developing a strong understanding of the fundamentals and then learning how to apply them, can a student dramatically improve shooting abilities and put him/herself on a fast track to sporting clays success.

CSM Founder John Higgins also designs world class sporting clays courses, as one of the many services available from the affiliates at Field Sport Concepts.  This along with land planning and design, equestrian architecture, stream restoration and many other services offers opportunities for increasing the enjoyment and long-term value of your land.  For more information about the Coordinated Shooting Method contact John Higgins at or 912-656-1589, or if you are interested in learning more about how the Field Sport Affiliates can assist you in the design and planning for your property contact Bob McKee at or 434-979-3846.