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Conservation and The Sporting Life

Dear Landowners, Conservationists and Outdoor Enthusiasts,

Welcome to the initial blog posting of THE FIELD SPORT CONCEPT!

Field Sport Concepts, Ltd. is an affiliation of professionals, each with unique talent and expertise and a common passion for the outdoors and the sustainable use of our natural resources. We keep abreast of innovative ways to conserve land, wildlife, history and culture in our projects.  One thing that is true about conservation is that it is scalable – its principles can be applied to large ranches and farms as well as smaller parcels.
The projects each of our affiliates has in its portfolio range from conservation residential communities to restoration of sections of major rivers in the West and to designs of elaborate as well as more modest equestrian centers, throughout the United States and abroad. First-class shooting facilities, hunting and fishing preserves and ecosystem services round out our expertise, all of which concentrate on ecologically responsible undertakings. Certain of our efforts come together to create extraordinary resort destinations internationally. We are committed to providing our clients with economically feasible solutions for both short and long term sustainable ownership of their land.

Let us hear from you, about your interests, pursuits and endeavors in conservation and outdoor activities.  Please visit our website at for a more complete overview of who we are and what we do.


Bob McKee

FSC Founding Principal

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