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Come Hell or High Water

You’d be hard pressed to find someone that has remained oblivious to all of the flooding that has, well, flooded the media in recent memory. The status of the Missouri and Souris Rivers is currently all over the news, and it wasn’t long ago that Memphis, Nashville, and Atlanta received more than their fair share of H2O.

On the flip side, many regions continue to struggle with drought conditions and worry about their access to water. That’s a level of stress we wish on no one.

You probably don’t need us to preach to you just how vital – and potentially dangerous – our precious water resources are to our lives. However, sometimes it can’t hurt to be reminded. For a refresher on why exactly our rivers, streams, bays, and wetlands are so worthy of our attention and respect, here’s an excellent essay written by our affiliates at Trout Headwaters.

After you finish up there, feel free to click around a few examples of our water resource conservation work from years past. Enjoy!

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