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Cheating Death and Competing for London

Who are some of the horses best known by the general public? Secretariat? Seabiscuit? Perhaps even Affirmed?

In a few years, you’ll be remiss if you don’t add Neville Bardos to that list.  Neville Bardos, you ask?  Yes, Neville Bardos.

You see, Neville Bardos and his trainer, Boyd Martin, are currently vying to defy all odds and represent the U.S. in the London Olympics 3-Day Eventing.  Neville, in particular, has now twice escaped death–the first time when he disappointed as a racing horse and again a few years ago when he was rescued (by Martin) from a burning barn.

Today, the duo have become a force to be reckoned with in the world of 3-Day Eventing.  Also known as horse trials, this event combines three of the major disciplines within equestrian competition and rolls them up into one, comprehensive event.  These disciplines include dressage, cross-county, and show jumping.  Rankings are calculated based on a combination of judge’s scores and time.

Having contributed to the pre-planning assessment of The Fork Farm & Stables, we here at FSC were particularly interested in Neville and Boyd’s performance at The Fork’s Heritage Days a few weeks ago.  With Fork riders Rebecca Howard (Canada) and her horse Riddle Master as well as Sinead Halpin  (United States) and her horse Manoir de Carneville both on their respective countries’ short lists to compete in London, The Fork has established itself as a powerhouse in the equestrian world.  Indeed, after a strong seventh-place finish there, Neville and Boyd are on track to achieve their goal of traveling to London this summer.  In the meantime, Rock Center with Brian Williams recently aired a great segment on the two.  You can see it here.

And in case any of you were worried: yes, the movie rights to Neville Bardos’s story have already been sold.  We hope to see you in the theaters!

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