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Beretta Trident Program

For those of you drawn to the sporting life (which we can safely assume is all of you since you’re currently on our page), the Beretta Trident Program is an important development you should know about.  Just as you might take note of how many stars a restaurant has been awarded, Berretta recognizes shooting sports venues with Tridents.

The Trident Program was developed in 2010 by FSC affiliate Sporting Heritage Corp in collaboration with Beretta, and has already become the standard-bearer for evaluating shooting sports venues.  Seeking to evaluate the full guest experience, the program considers everything from food on the table to the kennels for the bird dogs, and everything in between.  Lest you start thinking that you should be booking your travels only to venues that receive three Tridents (the most any venue can receive), keep in mind that only the top 5% of destinations worldwide are considered good enough to merit even one Trident.

To learn more about the world-class quality experience offered by Beretta Trident-rated destinations, check out the 13 venues that are affiliates of the Beretta Trident Program by visiting the website

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