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A Forest of Opportunity

There’s been quite a bit of talk around the office about collaborating more with timberland management professionals.   We’re confident there is no shortage of opportunity to mesh our design philosophy of sustainable, working landscapes with the scientific and economic side of forestry.

If forestland is to be intensively managed for timber over several years or decades, why not consider the recreational opportunities in the long term vision for a property? Sure, trees will come and go cyclically with the seasons and market, but the wildlife, vistas, and streams will all remain to be enjoyed forever. It would be a shame not to design and manage with these resources in mind.

Consider future land uses. Roads built and stands preserved should be designed with intention, creativity, and foresight. Perhaps the property’s life after timberland includes agriculture, hunting and fishing, or even a conservation community. Whether it be in the form of pre- or post-harvest conceptual master planning and marketing, managing successional aesthetics, or designing for the outdoors enthusiast, we hope you’ll keep us in mind in the future.

To see some examples of how we’ve taken advantage of the inherent properties of forests, we encourage you to click around a few of our past projects:

– Bundoran Farm
– Little Mountain Ranch
– Terra Chula Plantation

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